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Call for Abstract

Abstract submission is closed. Thank you for your submission.

Re-open Call for Abstract: 5:00PM (JST) Feb. 25~12:00PM (JST) Mar. 4
Please note that your abstract will not be published on the online journal, Prion.
Abstract submitted within the above period will be presented for posters.

Open: December 10, 2015
Deadline: Noon(JST), February 10, 2016 ⇒ Noon(JST), February 24, 2016
Abstract Result Notification will be sent to the first author in early March, 2016. Abstract submission has been closed.

General Guidelines

  • Please choose your presentation preference from oral or poster. The Program Committee will categorize each as either an oral or poster presentation.
  • Abstract title must be limited to 50 words.
  • The body of abstracts should contain a maximum of 400 words and must be submitted in English.
  • No charts or graphics should be included in the abstract.
  • A maximum of 15 authors and 10 affiliated institutions can be registered, including the first author. When registering the institution(s), please include the name of the country.
  • All the abstracts selected for PRION 2016 will be published in Prion in support of the congress by Landes Bioscience.
  • At least one of the authors (the presenting author) should attend the Congress and the relevant registration fee.
  • Abstract submissions will only be accepted via the congress website.
  • Each oral presentation will be allocated a 15-minute slot followed by a 5-minute question and answer session (subject to change).
  • Details of Award : Please refer Award page for detailed information.

Abstract Categories

  • Please choose your abstract category from the following;
    • Prion protein: Structure and Functions
    • Prions: Conversion and Propagation
    • Yeast prion and Prionoids
    • Pathogenesis
    • Human diseases: Diagnosis and Treatment
    • Animal diseases: Diagnosis and Risk-assessment

Video recording of the oral presentations

Every year the NeuroPrion Association proposes to increase the impact of the oral presentations by giving its members the opportunity to take a closer look at each other's work.

The oral presentations of the PRION 2016 Congress will be video recorded. Each speaker will be requested to fill out a form to authorize the video recording and the publication of their oral presentations on the NeuroPrion Association private password-protected website.

After the Congress, each speaker who agreed to be video recorded will receive an email from NeuroPrion containing the link to the video of his/her oral presentation, for final approval. Hiding of several slides will always be possible.

For more information, please contact

Publishing posters on the password-protected website

Every year the NeuroPrion Association proposes to increase the impact of the poster presentations by giving its members the opportunity to take a closer look at each other's work.

The posters of PRION 2016 will be accessible on the NeuroPrion Association private password-protected website. No public circulation will be allowed and the consultation will be restricted only to verified users.

This policy, which is accepted by peer reviewed journals as an extension of a presentation at a congress, protects the authors who are still free to submit their work for publication in any scientific journal of their choice.

To protect the copyright of the authors, a watermark "NeuroPrion - Copyright held by authors - PRION 2016" will be applied to each poster. Please see an example of copyright protection from PRION 2009. The data presented remain the property of the author(s) who can ask to withdraw them from the private NeuroPrion website at any time.

A picture of the poster(s) will be taken during the Congress and will be published on the NeuroPrion Association private password-protected website.

For better quality, please send it in high-definition Jpeg or PDF format to

If you want to exclude your poster(s) from any form of publishing on the NeuroPrion Association private password-protected website, please inform us by sending an e-mail to including the title of your poster(s).

NB: If no message requesting to exclude the poster(s) from publishing is received, the poster(s) will be published.

ID and Password

  • After registering your abstract, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail with your login ID and password codes.
  • If you do not receive any confirmation by e-mail please contact the Program Secretariat:
    Note: We cannot inform you of your password and ID for security reasons. Please print out the website screen after your registration.
  • If you wish to make any corrections to an abstract already submitted or wish to delete your abstract, you should use your personal ID and password.
  • If you have any questions regarding the Abstract Submission, please contact the Program Secretariat (

Important Notes

  • Abstract Submission Number and Password are generated automatically when an abstract is submitted. During the submission period, you may edit your abstract with this ID number and the password. Please retain them for future reference.
  • For security purposes, the Program Secretariat will not answer any questions related to the submission number and password.
  • The first author is responsible for getting agreements from co-authors before submission.
  • After the submission period, change of abstract and addition and/or change of authors cannot be made. Please make sure all authors are entered.
  • Any submitted abstracts will not be edited or proof-read before printing. The first author is responsible for his/her abstract.
Abstract Submission Abstract Modification

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